It’s a year-end treat courtesy of Twi-Hards!

I know that it’s become one of your favourite things about the site – along with Photo Assumption and Gossip Nostalgia, ragging on twats and useless bitches, Twi-Hard f-ckery and hatemail gave us so much joy in 2010, and I promise you there will be more of it in 2011. Because these people, they don’t know how to be embarrassed, somewhere along the line they lost the ability to feel shame. Or perhaps it was reading Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight. I’ve always posited that her writing activates a loser gene. These crazy bitches prove that to be true every single day.

Thanks to those of you jammed up my email and Twitter boxes to alert me to the following. You’re right. It is indeed amazing.

What now?

Robert Pattinson has a new film due in April called Water For Elephants. It appears that they’re now fighting over whether or not Kristen Stewart should be allowed to attend the premiere.

Amazing, right? But let that sink in for a bit, will you? It’s about to get worse.

Not only do they want her to stay away from the premiere, they’re also trying to send a petition over to the studio, pleading with the studio to tell Stewart to f-ck off…so they can have him for themselves? So they can share one of his fingernails and make love to it every night?

This is for those who have a hard time believing that the Twi-Hard hatemail is real, who can’t accept that people can be this f-cked. Or if you’re stuck at work and it’s slow as sh-t and you need to kill time before you clock out. Click here for the full picture. Or at least the beginning of the full picture. You should be able to get a quick flavour right away. I’m told though that if you do spend some time combing through it, it will lead you to the ensuing Twitter fight that’s exploded as a result of this as Pattinson’s supporters go head to head with Stewart supporters and those in favour of the couple are rallying in defence of their Romeo & Juliet.

Keep in mind too that they are GROWN. They are ADULT women. Some are educated. Some are MOTHERS. Some are straight up OLD. This is not the work of a 12 year old stuck in her room. And it’s just another example of how digital warfare, not simply restricted to the Wikileaks drama, has manifested itself in pop culture.

These fans, they mobilise subjectively, without reason, and they attack any dissenting opinions, to the point where editors now, fearing backlash, have had to rein in negative reviews, especially related to Twilight, just to avoid retribution. Or they encourage insincere positive reviews to court the traffic. Either way, it limits candour and freedom of expression, and it holds hostage the stars these fans claim to love so much. Their crazy is funny, but it’s also f-cking terrifying.

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