The photo captions from the agency say he’s shooting Remember Me – first day on set – in New York. Doesn’t look like the wardrobe department had to stretch. Is he wearing his own clothes?

Anyway, Twi-hards were jonesing all weekend because he hadn’t been seen. Withdrawal symptoms eased by group therapy sessions in chat rooms and message board.

An early Monday morning gift then. And he’s playing someone other than Edward Cullen too. Good. Anyone is an improvement.

Have included some side shots of his face because of the debate that’s raging here at the office. Laura obviously thinks he’s perfect. I have always said he’s a beautiful but androgynous amoeba boy. Michelle thinks if he was a regular guy he would not be as attractive as he’s been sold to be, and Danielle says he’s downright strange looking with a smushed down side profile flat face which I can totally see as Edward because he’s constipated and tortured all the time but in real life, in real life it’s actually not so bad.


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