Saturday – Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattinson were working in the day, then hooked up with Kristen Stewart and Edi Cathegi for Indian food. Towards the end of their meal, fans approached for photos. They obliged. Then Kristen, Taylor, and Edi hopped in a cab, followed by Pattinson by himself. Video by PunkD is below:

It was warm in Vancouver, sooo beautiful, this weekend. So even more fangirls and fanmoms were waiting outside Kristen’s hotel, hoping for a glimpse. For hours they wait. Very dedicated.

Back in LA, Nikki Reed was photographed with her mom and a friend shopping for furniture, hanging out a few days ago after her Juno Awards weekend in Vancouver. Have received many, many messages today pointing out that this black BMW – apparently it’s Rob’s? Ohhhhhh…here comes the hate mail!

PS. Since when did dating and f-cking mean the same thing?

Photos from GABO/