Twilight super losers were stabbing themselves with wooden spikes this weekend, inconsolable over Robert Pattinson’s new shorter haircut.

No seriously, for reals. Even is running a likey/no likely poll.

Whatever. He’s a beautiful boy with a beautiful face, hair or no hair. More pressing then is the issue of his jeans.

Rob first showed off his buzz at Smashbox Studios, likely for a photoshoot, on Friday. As you can see, he’s wearing Jennifer Aniston’s boot cut jeans. The fit is exactly the same, see?

Girls with boot cuts are one thing. But on a dude? Boot cuts on a dude?


The next day Rob and Nikki Reed, also from Twilight, were spotted loading boxes into what’s apparently his new ride – a convertible. Yes. A convertible. Yay LA! Like, ew. F-cking gross and uber-cheesy.

Isn’t this kid supposed to be all real and sh-t? Rolling around West Hollywood in boot cut jeans and a convertible?

Maybe it’s too late for London.

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