Robert Pattinson was in New York this weekend and spent some time with his friend Tom Sturridge and his fiancée Sienna Miller. As I first mentioned 3 weeks ago, Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have reconciled., for some reason, was mega late to this party and only just reported yesterday. Since getting back together, it’s been rumoured that Pattinson’s friends have not been supportive of his decision. If true, it’s understandable. Take away the Twi-Hard filter and this shouldn’t be a debatable point: friends are protective of friends; friends worry when friends get hurt; friends want to prevent friends from possible though not necessarily probable future hurt. I have had a few friends who’ve been in Pattinson’s position. They too chose to stay. For some, that choice has worked out very well. But it requires (among other things, obviously) a consistent commitment to forgiveness that many of us may not be capable of. I don’t think I would be. I am too insecure and self-doubting. The people I know who’ve succeeded at forgiving are, whether they believe themselves to be or not, much more centred and stable, two adjectives not normally associated with actors. And that brings us back to Robert Pattinson who was hanging out with Tom Sturridge who fathered a baby with Sienna Miller who was also involved in a cheating scandal of her own a few years ago with married actor Balthazar Getty. On Stewart then, if it was Sienna’s place to say, what would she say? Having been in a similar situation, would she be sympathetic? Would she offer perspective and insight on Stewart’s state of mind at the time of her “momentary indiscretion” now that they sort of have something in common? If anything, she’d be an ally and maybe even an advocate, non? How unexpectedly amazing life is, right? A year ago, would you have ever, ever imagined you’d be reading that sentence?

Also attached - Sienna Miller at the Hamptons Film Festival the other day.