Robert Pattinson’s L’Uomo Vogue shoot last week - click here if you missed the initial article. Now two more images have been released and this time, Jesus, Pattinson’s Mad Max Zoolander is wearing a Zorro cape. As you can see, he doesn’t know what to do with himself.

Because, again, the styling is stupid. And again, we need to have a serious conversation with the people managing Pattinson’s career who are standing around letting this sh-t happen. Sure, he’s not fussy and doesn’t want to be high maintenance and would rather show up agreeably at a photo shoot than throw a hissy about shoes but being a nice guy doesn’t mean he can’t be smart about his career and his image. Having just signed a deal with Dior, Pattinson is more than an actor now, right? He is a brand. He is a business. He is well within his rights as a business man to say that he doesn’t want to look like Jared Leto, a poseur douchebag. And he can do it without sounding like a dick. If there’s to be any chance of establishing himself as a lasting, legitimate movie star, Robert Pattinson has to start cultivating a fanbase that consists of more than just Twi-Hards. Letting people dress him up like Lady Gaga doesn’t exactly suggest that he’s all that savvy and/or strategic.

While Pattinson’s masked outlaw channels Rodin, his girlfriend Kristen Stewart appeared on Jimmy Fallon last night after a full day of media that also included The Today Show and Live! With Kelly. She must get better as it gets darker because by the time she got to Late Night, she looked amazing.