Is that a new shirt?

Lainey Posted by Lainey at June 26, 2009 08:39:51 June 26, 2009 08:39:51

Twi-hards will know. It’s not like Robert Pattinson dresses with a lot of variety but they do have a very intimate knowledge of his wardrobe. They’ve memorised every thread. They’ve catalogued each and every day he’s worn a certain shirt.

So it’s certain they will answer my question about this one – not the plaid but the bright blue, red stripe, and black with the grey sleeves. Is it new? Because it seems a departure from the 3 pieces he wears over and over and over again.

This is Pattinson in Queens – according to Splash (the photo agency) they were taken yesterday on the set of Remember Me. You know, he actually doesn’t look half bad in those shorts. I’m partial to lanky but not grossly lanky. I would have thought his legs would be way, way skinnier. And they’re not. Not at all. Even his mothering hips lately seem to have receded a little.

Oh but they were angry yesterday. They were angry that I said Stephenie Meyer can’t write for sh-t. Something to enjoy for your weekend. Twihard hatemail from Dee in Toronto:

I’m f-cken ashamed you’re Canadian. You are a goddamm condescending who c-nt. Jealous MUCH? You have your stupid trash little website and Stephanie has millions of fans reading her books. If she can’t write then why are so many people reading her books? YOU can’t write! Do you cry yourself to sleep like the jealous BITCH you are? I tried reading your stupid recommendations. Guess what? They’re BORING! That’s why they’re not BESTSELLERS. You are so BITTER, why don’t you work on that instead of trying to put us down all the time? You and Stephen King can SUCK IT! Hahahahahaha I can see you cutting off his foot!

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