Kristen Stewart is the face of Balenciaga Florabotanica. Now the other half of ROBSTENISUNBROKEN Robert Pattinson has signed on to represent Dior fragrances. According to E!, it’s a 3 year deal worth $12 million, an interesting marketing strategy and one that clearly targets the female consumer for a men’s product. Like... transferred aspiration. Because, come on, Robert Pattinson is not driving men to buy Dior. Robert Pattinson is driving women to buy Dior for the men in their lives, so that the men in their lives might be more like Robert Pattinson.

Here’s Pattinson the other night at the LACMA gala. It’s... really not his best hair right now, is it? But it is a good move, showing up at an event like this, to be nice to the power players and their wives. Pattinson is working the circuit, getting in front of the right people, letting them know he’s there to participate -- in the game, of course. They don’t just sit around reading scripts and playing guitar, thinking about art and being “above” the business, you know. To stick around in the business, there’s a certain amount of selling out that has to happen. Pattinson, with the new Dior partnership, is now officially a brand, just like his girlfriend. And, as I remarked where his girlfriend was concerned, when you make that decision, to go from an actor to a brand, to go from acting to selling fancy-smelling bottles, you are expected to behave like a brand. He seems to be transitioning well.

Also attached - Kristen Stewart at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills yesterday for a press engagement.

PS. E’s article on the Pattinson Dior deal as quite short. The rest of the page is full of Twi-Hards screaming at each other in the comments section. Click here to enjoy some of that on your lunch hour.