Still not sure where Lindsay Lohan was last night but Ebola Hilton was at Christina Aguilera’s birthday party at a restaurant in West Hollywood. Also in West Hollywood, spotted for the second evening in a row, Robert Pattinson dropping in for late food at La Conversation. The night before it was Il Sole, apparently for a friend’s birthday, and with Katy Perry too. Rob shares friends with Katy Perry? Well now that’s not really all that hardcore, is it?

Rob must still be negotiating his fee for the sequel…

Because you know who else eats at La Conversation? And is photographed there often? Oh maybe Nicole Richie and Shelf Ass Jessica Biel? And Emily Blunt was just shot there last week. And oh yeah… those girls from The Hills too! THE HILLS!!!

Supposedly he needed a snack. What’s wrong with Baja Fresh? LOVE Baja Fresh.

Twilight superfreaks are very fortunate so far. Ebola and Lilo still have not found him. But if he keeps circling their neighbourhood, it’s only a matter of time, especially since as I reported yesterday, Lindsay is desperate to squeeze her ass into Twilight somehow. Not that he shouldn’t be f-cking around and nailing everything that moves and a drunken mess all the time – after all, he’s, what, 22? – of course he should be. Just do it in London.

More photos of Rob here.