As I reported last week, Friday was Robert Pattinson’s final day on the Vancouver set of New Moon. He’ll resume shooting in Italy soon. Sunday afternoon he was photographed jetting out of Canada en route to Nice, on his way here to Cannes.


I left Vancouver and I STILL can’t get away from Twilight.

Apparently Summit, the Twilight production company, to whom he appears to be bound for the next couple of years of his life, is dangling him to seek distribution for several of their upcoming projects. Last time they made him go to Walmart. Needless to say, the Croisette is a significant improvement.

Not known yet if we’ll actually see him climb Les Marches since he doesn’t have a film at the festival but Cannes is famous for these non-official on the beach photo calls for upcoming features where Pattinson would look properly awkward posing to promote a picture that has yet to go into production. Welcome to the hustle! Cannes is all about the hustle.

Cannes is also all about the party. Heard a hilarious story the other night that his cousin is in town and she was at a club on Friday and was holding a table and kept telling the publicists that “Rob is coming” and pointing to her cell phone saying he was texting her so the whole time people were waiting for him to show up even though on Friday he was still working on Vancouver. Sharing bonuses with friends and family. Very cool.

Anyway, he’s here at the same time as the Brange. Can’t wait for the next bullsh-t Life & Style headline:

Angelina leaves Brad Pitt for young Twilight hunk!

Exclusive photos from PUNKD Images