Always the sign of a good weekend. If the face is a little pudgy and the gut can’t be sucked in… especially on a holiday… it means there was beer, chased by snacks, chased by more beer. Maybe some scotch? Always Grey Goose vodka, but in our case yesterday definitely champagne to toast Seek the Peak after climbing 16km and over 4,100 ft of elevation in support of Rethink Breast Cancer in less than 3 hours. Yay!

While Robert Pattinson did not Seek the Peak he did return to set today in New York this Monday morning not looking as great as he did last week though it appears as though he certainly enjoyed the 4th, perhaps celebrating making it through yet another weekend without getting killed by his overzealous fans. They tried to find him and they were not successful. And this is good. But word is he’s not relishing having to hide all the time. No one wants to be hunted.

The screaming fans likely won’t help the Monday Morning Hangover.

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