It’s supposed to be a celebration of the year that was in film. So Oscar producers have acknowledged that Twilight will have a “presence” on Sunday night.

Needless to say, Twihards and super loser moms have taken this to mean that Robert Pattinson will show up to present. Which means, f-ck. If they show up on the carpet that day we won’t be able to hear each other.

If I were him, I’d totally take a pass. Because they’re not really inviting HIM per se…they’re inviting Edward Cullen. And it seems like Rob Pattinson has been trying to shake the oppressive effect of Edward Cullen since Twilight opened in November.

Here he is in London the other night, once again leaving the Groucho Club, this time alone, but with what looked like an overnight bag around his shoulder. Are you going to Sienna’s? No. But we can pretend.

There were a few fans lurking about and he stopped to have his picture taken with them before hopping in a taxi. As you can see, poor thing he looks miserable about the attention, which has been much less intrusive in London than it was in LA. So can you imagine at the Oscars? Say no, kid. Say no.

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