This is Robert Pattinson in New York making the morning show rounds. He is unkempt as usual. And working some sideburn action apparently for his new film. And some stubble. Once again trying to hide his pretty. You so pretty. Why you deny your pretty?

Oh right. Pattinson reckons he’s a serious actor. Is out to prove it with Remember Me. Sounds like there’s a good possibility. Wasn’t able to attend screenings during the Olympics but I’ve received some wonderful feedback from those who’ve been to the advances. They say it’s an intense, emotionally charged, emotionally jarring ride. And Pattinson supposedly impresses. Of course he’ll be following up this performance by reprising his role as sulky, tortured vampire in Twilight Eclipse. Albatross.

Pattinson will be busy in NY. He’ll be Jimmy Fallon’s first guest tonight as the new/old NBC late night kicks off without Conan. Then tomorrow it’s The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. I set Jon Stewart as a recurring recording on PVR. Because his team is brilliant. And he rarely books a dumb fluff pre-planned interview. Am very curious to see if Pattinson delivers.

But these jeans are not a good idea. Super mothering hip jeans.

Photos from and and Doug Meszler/