Robert Pattinson took a meeting with Jeffrey Katzenberg this weekend. As you know, Pattinson’s huge profile is entirely based on his role as Edward Cullen in the massively popular Twilight series. And Jeffrey Katzenberg doesn’t do small either. No, Katzenberg specialises in big. Big animation.

What’s the proposal? Hide his pretty face behind his pretty voice? His pretty voice is so much better with that pretty English accent. Pattinson does have rather animé features too.

While Pattinson remained in LA for work and for future work, his costars Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewart are in New York for a final promotional push for Eclipse opening Wednesday.

As for the next two films for Breaking Dawn, while Summit has announced that the book will be split into two movies (good lord, why???), a location for filming has yet to be confirmed, although Louisiana is the front runner. My sources say Louisiana is the preferred location for interiors but they are negotiating for a few days of exteriors in British Columbia. The production however is still apparently haggling with the government on some tax issues and as such, final decisions are still pending.

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