Robert Pattinson’s apparently hanging out with Mischa Barton now. Click here for a refresher. E! News reports that Barton is now among a group of regulars at Pattinson’s place. Thanks for letting us know, Mischa Barton. It doesn’t look good on him, does it?

But the day after everyone found out that he’d downgraded, way, way, way downgraded, from Kristen Stewart to Mischa Barton, Pattinson showed up for a hospital visit. Click here to see photos. Coincidence or conspiracy? And are we soon going to see Lindsay Lohan’s name on the list of those rolling into Pattinson’s on the regular? He’d have to donate a kidney to make up for that one.

Here’s Pattinson this weekend, leaving Bobby Long’s show at the Troubadour. According to TMZ Pattinson got a little aggro on a security guard, shoving him aside because he mistook him for a paparazzo, like that’s an acceptable excuse. Is it? Maybe it’s an acceptable excuse. It’s definitely an acceptable excuse to use force against the paps, says the Twi-Hard, while enjoying her Robert Pattinson pap photos.

Like it or not, this is partly how he became Robert Pattinson, the movie star, the Dior man, with a net worth of over $50 million. This is how the industry works now. This is why there are people like Kellan Lutz, taking his shirt off across the street, waving his pecs up and down and all around, and no one bothers to shoot it. They’re too busy shooting Robert Pattinson. What’s hard for Robert Pattinson to accept, and what’s hard for so many of them to accept, is that they helped make Robert Pattinson. It’s the basic delusion of every actor – to believe that they were destined, that they were meant for it, they did it all by themselves. 

Also attached – a much more docile Pattinson on the set of Map To The Stars.