Dior Homme released the first official image of Robert Pattinson as the face of the fragrance last week. There was a party to celebrate the announcement in Hollywood E! News was able to creep a few shots from the presentation. Click here for a refresher. Now E! has a couple more better quality photos of Pattinson’s ad showing Pattinson up against the wall on a model, kissing her passionately.


Yes, actually. And you know, he’s not really my jam. But it’s the angle of his jaw. That angle is working for me here. Too bad about that hand though. Probably just the way it’s been frozen in that screen cap but still, his hands are always a problem.

Also attached -- Pattinson driving away from Chateau Marmont last night. Like I said, like I’ve been saying for a long time, that LA scene is sh-t. So...what’s keeping him away from London now if he doesn’t have a girlfriend. Apropos of nothing, Katy Perry hangs out at the Chateau all the time.

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