And can you blame him? He already sounds a little neurotic as it is. At this point, with fans stalking and trying to strangle him at every turn, chasing him into the streets and narrowly avoiding becoming roadkill, it’s hard to believe he’s anything but terrified. And a little pouty too.

This is Robert Pattinson on set yesterday. Summit is insisting that he’s fine and that the incident was not caused by fans – well of course they would say that. Summit is nothing without the fans. And given that Twilight is such an online driven franchise, with Twi-hards spending most of the day scouring the internets for new photos and information, populating message boards with their fantasies, it’s only in Summit’s best interest not to alienate the lunatics, in the hopes that they will once again present themselves at theatres for New Moon seven, eight, nine times and video themselves crying on YouTube afterwards.

But while Summit has increased security around its Golden Goose, reports that Pattinson has also arranged for additional security out of his own pocket, at this point likely living in fear that another f-cking idiot will attempt to throttle him in plain view.

There’s ardent and then there’s absolutely f-cking crazy. What is it about this particular group, these Twi-hards, that has taken obsession to an entirely new level?

What’s next?

One of these days, and probably soon, they’ll start fighting each other. One lady will object that another lady stole her spot. Shouting will quickly turn into hairpulling. Like that incident at Walmart. Hopefully captured by the paps.

Don’t lie. I know you want to see it.

PS. Yes…there’s new hatemail. Really good hatemail. Will post later. Am rushing to get to the studio before 9am.

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