I have a friend with a permanent hard-on for Robert Pattinson. Several of them actually. But this one in particular, she’s been campaigning to change me, to win me over to the “Rob side” as she calls it. And while my consistent response has been to tell her that that kind of “Rob side” terminology only makes her look like more of a loser, she remains undeterred in her efforts.

Last night she sent me a note:

“OK so I know you’re all about Harry Potter whatever right now but you HAVE TO watch Rob on Leno tonight because his hips look fine and he won’t annoy you I totally promise. Just watch it before you yell at me. He’s so hot, I can’t f-cking sleep now!”

I know. Believe me, I have tried to break up with her. Many times. She is relentless.

But she’s right. As you know, I am a big fan of Pattinson’s new hair over that mop of contrived dirtiness for which he became famous. And indeed, the mothering hips were well camouflaged last night in a slim suit. As for the interview...


There’s a lot of giggling. He seems to giggle a lot and often. Maybe cut down on the giggling. But definitely keep the dad parts. The dad parts are really cute. The dad parts make me like him much more. It’s just too bad Jay Leno is such a sh-tty interview but I guess that’s the point. Softballs. Having said that, there’s an ease about Pattinson in this environment that is indeed appealing. And then they play the clip of Edward Cullen and his constipation face almost kills everything. He needs to be in some other movies.

Pattinson, obviously, was at The Tonight Show to promote Twilight Eclipse opening on June 30th. Have noticed that on this press tour, director David Slade has had a very, very limited presence. What? There was no tension on that set? What? Pattinson and Slade have a solid relationship? What? The argument during reshoots never happened? What? Those reshoots weren’t reshoots, only pick-ups?

Right. Carry on then. But while you do that, I will be gloating.


Photos from Wenn.com