Robert Pattinson continues to film Remember Me in New York – seen here yesterday on set in the afternoon and also on a night shoot.

Now every Twi-hard wants to be an extra and wear a cropped top and a cowboy hat which is a much better strategy than strangling, non? At least that way he won’t be running in fear. And it’s not just the ones who have invited him to make love by attacking him, like stalking is an aphrodisiac, it’s also the ones who wait for hours outside in the rain, or in the sweltering sun, even after having taken photos with him and received autographs too. Every day.

What do they think he thinks?

Oh – look at that lady over there, a full blown adult, with 2 kids waiting for her at home but who’s been standing around all day just smiling at me. I want to marry her. Then we can sparkle together.


Maybe it’s just me but if I’m Robert Pattinson I’m thinking no, we are not hanging out, and you are never seeing my marble member.

I received an email a while ago telling me I don’t understand the mentality of a “true fan”. That I will never be as devoted or as committed. And that we journalists always ask the stupidest questions. That a True Fan could easily come up with a number of new questions that have never before been posed ever in the history of time which would make Robert Pattinson truly appreciate the wisdom and intelligence of the Twilight faithful. Then she went on to reference John Lennon. I’m sure I don’t have to point out the irony in that one.

To be fair though, she wasn’t hating. You’ve been waiting for the hate and I promised it on Friday and I’m sorry I was distracted and forgot.

Here’s a good one. From Jessica in Australia.

Dear Lainey,

We are not all crazy. The crazy ones shouldn’t define all of us and I resent that you are painting all Twilight fans with the same brush. We have simply all been touched by the beauty and purity of the Bella and Edward love story and as a woman, can you not say that you too wished for a short time that Edward could be yours and that you could find a man who loves you eternally like that?

It’s not Rob’s fault that everything has just exploded. He’s scared and afraid and we are afraid for him but your lightheartedness is doing no one any good. Do not make light of this serious situation even though you are always telling people where he is and I appreciate the great pictures. But you should remember Lainey that he is a boy, a boy becoming a man, a man becoming an icon, an icon who will live in our hearts and who deserves to be protected.

Do your part to protect him.

Thank you for listening.

No, thank YOU for sharing.

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