Not bad. Pretty sounds good when he sings, non? He sings better than he acts although that’s probably not fair since so far his acting has been limited to Twilight and, well, there’s not much he can do with that sh-t.

Video below: Robert Pattinson was recorded performing in a room as part of a project called Songs From A Room in support of emerging artists. Is Leonard Cohen getting royalties from that title?

Anyway, many of you have emailed this week, it’s been a rough one, requesting some new Twi-Hard hatemail. In particular Kelly B who has been managing on almost no sleep with a hungry little baby. Funny you mention it because they’ve been exceptionally pissy with me lately and normally I know why, but this week it was a mystery. I hadn’t written about or mentioned Pattinson and save for a Kristen Stewart quick mention during the liveblog on Tuesday, she hasn’t been covered on the blog either. It was explained to me the other day. You will love it.

So as you know, Garrett Hedlund currently tops the Five List. It was after Comic-Con, click here for his inauguration. I know this seems unrelated. I’m getting there.

Hedlund, as mentioned in that article, is currently playing Dean Moriarty in On The Road now filming in Montreal. Kristen Stewart is also in that film. There was a question from the floor from “Jackie” during the liveblog the other day about the movie.

Lainey, will you have sources at 'On The Road' movie set?

Sarah from Cinesnark replied:

Walter Salles runs a really tight ship and people who work for him love him. Happy crews tend not to gossip. But don't worry--people will be making BS up left and right. There will be gossip whether it's true or not.

My response:

If you're asking about Kristen Stewart though, and I suspect you are, she's having a good time, she's working hard, she's getting along well with her co-stars, and that's all there is. Right now.

And then we went on to other topics.

But they freaked out.


No idea. But apparently Twi-Hards inferred from those comments to mean that I was suggesting Hedlund and Stewart are f-cking and this means that the Romeo & Juliet of our time, Pattinson and Stewart, must be in jeopardy. Because when Pattinson isn’t around, Stewart is supposed to lock herself in her room and cry until he comes to visit.


Don’t try to understand. Just appreciate how amazing.

On Twitter and on email, it came in a flood. For your weekend pleasure. Oh but first, for the record, Stewart has been keeping a low profile in Montreal, enjoying the city, spotted shooting pool and hitting the bowling alley with cast and crew during down time. Chill out. There is nothing to indicate that Stewart and Hedlund are anything more than colleagues. Stewart and Pattinson will be together forever and ever.

From Candace:
Would anyone notice if you died? Is that why you have to lash out and be so mean? How do you sleep at night with the horrible things that you do and say every day? Rob and Kris are happy and you can’t stand it because your husband looks at other boobs all day so you have to crap all over two people deeply in love, get a life of your own, I would rather be a janitor than your job. At the end of the day I can take pride in my work unlike you have no pride and nothing to be proud of.

From Jennifer in Toronto:
Let me guess, next week your going to say that Kristen broke up with Rob for that monkey face? Lol! Rotfl! Only you would think that Looser could be like Rob. Rob is the Marilyn Monroe of our time, his talents are just coming. Nobodys gonna remember Garett after next year stupid Disney freak.

From Mellissa:
Wrong again Laimey! How many times are you gonna screw up before you pack it in and get the hell off the radar? No, Kristen and Garrett are not together. No, Rob has nothing to worry about. He’s muthaf-ckin’ Rob Pattinson! Step off his jock! As if a guy who messed with Blohan would ever get Kristen. ROBSTEN is the way. Until you start believing you can never be saved, start praying bitch.

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