It’s a smart play by the magazine this week to move the story forward by shifting attention over to Robert Pattinson; Rob Sympathy will sell. Before getting into US Weekly’s exclusive details though, just a quick note on the reporting that’s coming from other outlets. As we all know, US has owned everyone else’s ass on this story, including PEOPLE, after breaking the scandal last week. So all the rest are now playing catch up. For example: there was an article earlier this week about how Stewart and Pattinson might be fighting over custody of their dog. Sure. The problem is this - if they had sources who could tell them about the dog, and the couple’s ugly arguments over who gets to keep it, why wouldn’t they have very basic information about their whereabouts? It’s the first question you ask your source, and certainly one you would ask before looking into the wellbeing of the pet, right?

As was the case last week, US Weekly right now is way ahead of the competition, the first to be able to answer: where’s Robert? US has confirmed he’s been staying at Reese Witherspoon’s ranch in Ojai, where she was married last year, and, hmmmm, conveniently profiled in ELLE Decor this month - click here to see the property. (How can you complain about privacy intrusion when you invite people to come photograph your residence???)

Anyway, Pattinson was seen jogging around the 7 acre compound on July 29, trying to work out his heartache. Stewart meanwhile is staying with her parents. US confirms (as I originally reported) that Stewart told Pattinson herself about Rupert Sanders over the phone on Monday July 23. Not only was he blindsided by her confession though, he was also supposedly blindsided by her public apology. According to the magazine, she did not consult him before releasing her statement and it became an additional humiliation for him when he had to read it online. Unfortunately he’s been reading a lot online. How many of us could resist? I would try...but I think I’d eventually give in to the temptation. All of it is obviously contributing to his confusion and frustration and while he’s not, as suggested elsewhere, been drinking excessively (“He only drinks when he’s happy,” claims one of the magazine’s sources) he has taken up smoking real cigarettes again (he’d been quitting with the electronic kind).

US has more too on Pattinson’s suspicions about Sanders and some of the signs, looking back now, that he’d missed leading up to the revelation that she’d been stepping out on him. Interestingly enough though, through all that, US’s sources still insist that whatever developed between Stewart and Sanders only happened well after filming and likely during the press tour.

Here’s my favourite, FAVOURITE part of the entire article:

“I don’t think they were having an affair on the set of Snow White,” says the set source. “It started up after the movie and press tour.” Which is about the time Twilight actress Amanda Dyar tells US she noticed a difference in the young loves. “Talking with friends who saw Kristen and Rob¬ert at events, it seemed almost like Kristen had started to pull away,” Dyar tells US. “It just looked like something was missing be¬tween them.”


Amanda Dyer?

Never heard of her.


IMDB: Amanda Dyer, The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 2, wedding guest (uncredited)

Come on.

That’s amazing. Are we sure Amanda Dyer isn’t a Kardashian? You see what I mean about LA being full of sh-t and sh-tty people?

And finally...

As to the question of whether or not the relationship will survive - US sources say that Pattinson is still deliberating and that Stewart is waiting on his answer. Part of it is their shared experience. Only she truly understands how his life has been up to now, and him her. Which is why so far, no decisions about anything - press and promotion, etc - have been made. God, that press tour is going to set a world record in Photo Assumption.

There’s more dishy information in the magazine about how the other cast members are taking sides and what her family thinks of what she did etc. US Weekly is on newsstands today.