Groggy Robert Pattinson this morning in Vancouver, stopping for coffee and a snack on his way to work wearing grandma’s sweater. Like the Devil Wears Prada Sweater, you know the one? Miranda Priestly called it “cerulean”. Rob’s isn’t quite as bright but the idea’s there. Not something Zac Efron would ever put on and, well, I guess that’s the point. Same goes for the dirty jeans.

Jeans aren’t supposed to be washed often, and LipGloss makes sure his are distressed just so but at the same time, they always look new. They probably smell new.

I wouldn’t want to smell Robert Pattinson’s jeans. I would be afraid to smell Robert Pattinson’s jeans. It’s the difference between the two. Oh, and Rob’s super loser fans are WAY crazier. Can’t wait for a new batch of hate mail. You’d think they’d be more appreciative of my enabling, non?

Exclusive photos by Punkd Images