Oh la.

Jackson Rathbone in a leather jacket and tidy hair. It’s pulsing.

And it was so hot in Vancouver yesterday, not sure how he kept this on. Whatever. Am not complaining.

Also spotted around town – Ashley Greene out with her dog and her toned arms and Kellan Lutz, his huge muscles wrapped around a little poodle, bigger than the poodle!, shopping at Zara and spending time with fans. There’s a daily pilgrimage now. And not just teens. Twi-Hards of all ages running around downtown for hours hoping for an encounter.

Meanwhile my sources tell me exclusively that the second day of filming involved a Quileute Village and a scene from 300 years ago.

As for Twilight’s hottest commodity, Robert Pattinson, well the crazies are in a tizzy this morning because the UK’s Daily Mirror – a publication that was bitchslapped this week for asstalk reporting that Brad Pitt was joining the cast of Sherlock Holmes – has printed a new interview with Pattinson during which he claims he has no girlfriend.

This is why they were screaming and sobbing today:

GGGGGGGGGGG? LIES LIES LIES LIKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Photos from Splashnewsonline.com and INFphoto.com
Photos of Kellan Lutz and Ashley Greene from PUNKD Images/JK