His hair ladies, his hair…

Try to control yourselves, ok? There’s more squealy business to come.

This is Robert Pattinson out and about in LA yesterday, running back to his hotel with wet hair, looking pale and … he’s better straight on than in profile, non? The nose, I think. And .. the gait, the run. This doesn’t work for me. But it will elicit at least another hundred hate messages.

Anyway, New Moon is to start shooting imminently here in Vancouver during which time Rob will re-immerse himself in cheesy Edward Cullen. To kiss his freedom goodbye, temporarily, Rob’s been on the circuit in LA the last few days. Last night was no exception. Am told he was clubbing, the photos should be released some time later today.

And finally, twi-hards everywhere have been kneeling at their calendars for days now counting down to the DVD release. Crazy fan moms are planning on ditching their kids with the nanny for a week just to enjoy the deleted scenes in private.

What’s to enjoy?

The kissing.

Extended kissing, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart making out on the bed, a sneak preview of it was on Access Hollywood the other night. Thanks Brenda!

Twilight DVD on Access Hollywood

Now you know why those superlosers need to lock themselves in a room while watching.

Photos from GABO/BM/Bauergriffinonline.com