Here’s Robert Pattinson leaving the gym yesterday after training with Harley Pasternak. And also photos of him heading out of Chateau Marmont the other night. He’s been wearing that beanie for years. Do you think it’s the same one? I keep losing toques. How do people keep their toques for so long?

Pattinson was spotted leaving his house with Kristen Stewart just over a week ago. There followed several reports about the two of them reuniting. But then PEOPLE had to come along on Friday and take a dump on Twi-Hard hopes with a story about him hanging out at the Roosevelt last Wednesday with Dylan Penn. Apparently the two were “chatting and flirting” even though they made a point of not arriving together and “keeping things separate”. The magazine suggests that there’s a casual romance happening even though Dylan was later seen talking to Michael B Jordan.

How could she maintain a casual romance with Robert Pattinson when Michael B Jordan is an option…?!?