Robert Pattinson looks like he’s very comfortable on the set of Remember Me today. You would be too in those clothes. The top is like pyjamas. And the loose pants can accommodate a double order of lunch. Am jealous. Women’s clothing is sadistic. If it looks good, chances are it’s f-cking tight and wedgie inducing and there is nothing worse than a strapless bra.

Having said that, the Elizabeth & James dress I wore to the smut soiree last week – click here to see – was an exception. SO comfortable.

Anyway, Pattinson managed to make it through another weekend without getting murdered by his f-cked up fans. This is a good thing. But some of the freakier ones are getting increasingly upset because the tabloids are reporting that he and his costar Emilie de Ravin are growing very close. This is alarming because, as you know, he’s only allowed to be close to one person in the entire world and her name is Kristen Stewart.

What they want to hear is that he and Emilie are like brother and sister. Totally platonic. And that Robert and Kristen are having phone and Skype sex every night.

Am saving up the hatemail for later this week but the funniest message I received this weekend was from Audrey who is very sweet but who objects to how I refer to him:

Hi Lainey,

I’m not gonna get mad at you because those other Twilight fans are silly and they shouldn’t read your blog if they don’t like it. But I do have a request.

Please don’t call him “Robert”. He prefers “Rob”. All his friends call him Rob and the other actors too and we his fans call him Rob as well.

Thought you should know.

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