Aside from celebrities dressing like assholes, Coachella 2014 gave us Leonardo DiCaprio dancing. Just in case you forgot, I’m embedding the video again. The choreography…oh God, the choreography:

The Leonardo DiCaprio of 2015 is Robert Pattinson. (Thanks Attitude Problem!) Buzzfeed has dedicated a new post to Robert’s Coachella moves during Drake’s set this weekend. This has been entertaining us at work now for the last half hour. Because you know what they say about how a guy dances? That it can tell you if they know how to f-ck?

Like, based on that video of Leo, I have no confidence about his f-ck skills.

So… what does this say about Robert Pattinson?



No Bueno was Danielle Graham’s response. Traci Melchor’s take on it was that, well, they’re probably on what you’re on when you’re at Coachella. That, however, isn’t stopping FKA twigs from grooving like she owns it while her fiancé…


I kinda love him for this, I do. I don’t think I’ve liked him more than I do right now and every time I watch this video, and it’s been a few times. Like before he was that guy who played his guitar and got sad all the time. And now it’s like, sh-t, he can’t believe his dumb luck that this girl, THIS GIRL wants to get with him. Click here to see more from Buzzfeed.