Robert Pattinson has been named the face of Dior Homme. An official photo was released by Dior yesterday. It’s the first image attached. He’s wearing a sweater, his hair is growing out, and he’s attempting to look... I dunno... challenging?

Interesting that this was the shot they decide to unveil first. Pattinson can be very, very pretty, especially when his hair is longer and he’s working with less stubble. Example below, from GQ, perhaps his most swoon worthy photo shoot.

The Pattinson in the Dior picture we’re seeing here is, I guess, more stripped down. Which is fine...but I don’t understand about the hand. This dude has a hand problem, I’m convinced. If they’re not delicately pouring tea for an alligator, they’re three quarters the size of his head. Look at it here, that hand. It’s like a club. A club hand. Why does it have to be one or the other? Why does it either have to be the hand of an anime character or the hand of Hulk? Can’t we find a happy medium?

Anyway, apparently there was a Dior party the other night in Hollywood where more Pattinson Dior ads were revealed. A few people creeped some shots of them from the event and sent them to E! News. I’ve attached below. A model appears to be undressing him in one of them. So when he’s growing a beard, he’s supposed to appeal to the straight men, and when he’s getting fondled, he’s the sexiest man alive.

And now...single!

Sort of?

It’s been 3 weeks since Pattinson’s split from Kristen Stewart was confirmed. During that time, both sides have tried to manipulate the media for positive positioning post breakup. While Stewart is spending time with her girlfriends, Pattinson has been spending time with his girl...friend... Katy Perry. Speculation that Perry is reconciling with John Mayer conveniently surfaced after Memorial Day, along with a sighting of the two of them reported by PEOPLE at Chateau Marmont the other day. What wasn’t reported by PEOPLE is that Pattinson was seen there too on the same night. And Pattinson was also with Perry at the Bjork show a couple of days later. Click here to see photos.

Coincidence or conspiracy?

Sources tell me that, conveniently, Mayer has been reaching out to Perry a lot more -- texting etc -- since Perry intensified her relationship with Pattinson. At least in his mind then, he considers that competition.

Almost a year ago, I wrote an article about Robert Pattinson after he partied with Justin Bieber on little baby’s party bus -- click here for a refresher. As I said at the time, I wish the English ones would stay in England:

“Come to LA to work but home should always be London. If I were from London? There is NO WAY I’d live in Los Angeles. Many of the British actors prefer London. London is...the essence. In London, even the princes take taxis after a long night out. But this is what you get in Los Angeles - 18 year old boys and million dollar party buses.”

Twi-Hards shouted me down for that, defending their beloved for his LA preference to be closer to his girlfriend. Sure. But what’s the reason now? Justin Bieber?

At that age, on the LA party circuit, both of them, Pattinson and Stewart, how different could they possibly be from the other people on the LA party circuit?