Nope. I’m not done riding you about Misfits yet.

And as promised, any time there are photos from the Misfits cast, I will be all over it. Lately it’s been all Robert Sheehan as he promotes both A Turtle’s Tale and Killing Bono which, I don’t know if we’ll get here in North America, so you bitches over in the UK better appreciate how lucky you are.

Am a little disappointed though that none, as far as I can see, of Sheehan’s castmates turned up to support him last night. It’s a little naïve I suppose to believe that they really do hang out at the community centre and smoke cigarettes and call each other twats all day in awesome accents.

But why not!?!?

I have never been super super attracted to Ben Barnes. Just thought I’d throw that out there.

And is it just me or are Robert’s eyes really buggy? Easy there kid, we’ve only just started…

Photos from Fergus McDonald/Ian Gavan/