Bono, Ben, and Robert

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She’s Irish, you see. It’s a selling feature for her.

Anyway, Misfits cast photos are not a weekly occurrence. So when they happen, they have to be posted.

By the way, have you watched Misfits yet? Look, all the episodes from the first 2 seasons are online. Start here, you should be able to find your way to the rest. I watched obsessively on holiday in Tofino last year and am desperately waiting for season 3. And since then I’ve heard from many others who did the same on the recommendation, and they are equally addicted. It’s perverse, hilarious, irreverent, and nothing like most of the sh-t we get on tv in North America. Do it.

As for one of the stars of Misfits, Robert Sheehan, he was in Ireland yesterday with Ben Barnes promoting their film Killing Bono. Theirs was the brother band that was thwarted by the rise of U2, based on the “true-ish” story of Neil and Ivan McCormack. So what does Bono think? Neil said that:

"Bono has seen the film. He liked it but just thought the actor playing him should have been bit taller.” (source)

Funny, right? The film opens in the UK on April 1. Have no idea about other territories. My guess though is that it’ll be hard for it to find an audience in America even though, well, watch the trailer – that doesn’t seem like it would suck, does it?

But what is Robert working on his chin there? Never mind. His pants are purple. I mean, if there’s anyone, it would be him.

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