If you are just getting into Misfits, please note there is a MAJOR spoiler below. Might want to avoid.

If you are not yet into Misfits, I will keep yelling at you to get into it because, well, frankly, the longer you put it off, the longer you’re depriving yourself of amazing, irreverent, no dancing sh-t tv. So, you know.

It’d been long speculated, since the end of season 2, or the second series as they like to say in the UK, that the show’s most high profile actor, Robert Sheehan, may not return. Woah, chill. I know you love Iwan Rheon. But you are not going to win the argument that he’s getting more offers than Sheehan. Sorry.

Sheehan was the breakout star of the show. And he’s now getting the kind of opportunities outside of Misfits that he probably feels he can’t walk away from. Even if it means saying no to Nathan. One of the show’s producers finally confirmed this weekend that Sheehan is out. They will address Nathan’s absence and introduce a new character called Rudy on the Misfits E4 website before the start of the 3rd season. Lauren Socha who plays Kelly also tweeted about the news (OK sidebar on her Twitter – her grammar and spelling are making my life) and I don’t know if it’s that she doesn’t think about her words (probably) but the way she has chosen them with respect to Sheehan, the gossipmonger in me automatically wonders if there aren’t some abandonment issues here:

“people have gotta get used to the fact rob didn't wanna do it, its not just the fans that miss him!!!!!”

“we all make the show.. He made his own mind to leave no one elseee!!”

So what now?

Well, yeah, it’s a blow. A huge blow. Nathan’s was the easiest character for popularity. His lewd, crude dumbassness made for some of the most memorable comedic moments and the best lines. Having said that, after what?, like, 13 episodes of it, was it starting to wear thin? Oh look, he’s making a sex joke. Oh look, he’s penis-taunting someone. Oh look, he’s being annoying as f-ck. Something fresh, with a whole new set of superpowers, and the emergence of Simon last season as the emotional centerpiece of the show with heartthrob status might not be a bad thing. At all.

A blow, yes. A fatal blow…

I don’t think so. Especially not if this Rudy delivers. But this Rudy has to deliver HUGE. So, like, no pressure or anything.

Goodbye Nathan? I’m kinda ok with this being how I remember him. You always want to go out as a dickhead.