I covered The Mortal Instruments: City Of Bones Toronto premiere last week. A note on Jamie Campbell Bower -- I never understood it until I saw him move. Bower is tall, lanky, and he has a rock star swagger that's very attractive.

For me though, it's all about Robert Sheehan, who's not even top 3 in the cast but is totally #1 on pure personality and charisma. I ran into Sheehan last year at TIFF at a late night party at Soho House. We were on the smoking patio. He was with a girl -- not famous. They were going for it, and messily. At one point he crashed into me on a bench. He apologised by hooking his leg over my lap. Then we drunk-talked for a few minutes. Don't ask me what we drunk-talked about. It's called drunk-talk because it's not to be remembered.

So when he stopped at my position on the carpet last Thursday, I told him it wasn't our first encounter but that he probably wouldn’t remember what happened at Soho House. He reacted by cupping my face, and kissing both sides. Then he told me how he used to enjoy bum-slapping Jamie Campbell Bower and Kevin Zegers on set.

He’s delightful.

Also…he has the best style.

Look at him in these tight leather pants worn above the ankle. Evidently they’re his favourite because he not only wore them in Toronto, he also wore them out in London last night while promoting the film, although the leopard print loafers stayed home.

Yes, we did discuss Nathan. And a rumoured Misfits movie. He was coy about his response. Like…it could happen? I have doubts but at the same time, at the least he didn’t outright deny it.