Sarah from Cinesnark wrote about the sucking of the Oscars earlier - click here if you missed it - and then I saw these photos of Roberto! Benigni today in Italy shooting Woody Allen’s The Bop Decameron and, well, it reminded me of the best Oscar moments, the ones that are spontaneous and authentic, like when Roberto! almost stepped on Steven Spielberg’s head on the backs of chairs on his way to collect the Best Foreign Film Oscar from Sofia Loren. And then later on when he won Best Actor over Nick Nolte who looked like such a dick that night, and Edward Norton (among others) who was there with…Drew Barrymore!?!

Gossip Nostalgia! Oscar Nostalgia!

Click here for Roberto!’s Best Foreign Film win and click here for when he talks about his body being in “tumult” (HILARIOUS) when he’s named Best Actor. OMG. This is why there should be an exclamation point after his name, always. Roberto!

After a while, back then, Roberto! got to be a little too much. You know. But after a long break… would it surprise you to see that Roberto! has not changed? Look at his face in these photos? No change.

And he made a hilarious appearance on Graham Norton a couple of years ago too, still, after all these years, just as excited about his Oscar as he was on the night of. Maybe because it’s Friday and am delirious with heat and fatigue, but this has had me laughing for the last half an hour.

Photos from Mario Cartelli/