Few things are more delicious than Euro Cheese. But Euro Designer Cheese is a whole other level of amusement.

Roberto Cavalli – do you love him, or do you LOVE him?

Cavalli is currently on a major pimp tour – not only promoting his own line at H&M but also pushing out a new vodka range (???) called “Roberto Cavalli Vodka”. Inspiring.

Understanding however that his name carries much less weight than the people he actually dresses, Cavalli this week sold his products by way of the time tested NameDrop – he outed Jennifer Lopez’s pregnancy by revealing that the clothes he keeps designing for her tour need to be constantly modified because she is “waiting for the baby”.

Brilliant. Shameless. Perfect.

No wonder Victoria Beckham is his muse. Look at him. They share the same shade of orange and the same lips, and the same plastic surgeon, the cross…the cross just tops it off, and when he smiles, don’t tell me you don’t bust out into hysterics. I won’t believe you.

Photos from Splash