This is what missing your wife looks like

Lainey Posted by Lainey at July 4, 2014 16:30:25 July 4, 2014 16:30:25

Here are some shots of Robin Thicke leaving his NYC hotel yesterday. God he’s a scuzzy looking f-ck, non?

Actually, no, that’s not true. He desperately misses his wife. That’s what you’re seeing. It’s not skeeze, it’s sensitivity.

By the way, here’s how the photo agency captioned these shots:

Robin Thicke leaves his NYC hotel with a big smile after 3 beautiful girls leave his hotel and go into another car, one Robin normally uses when he is in NYC.

Well, maybe they were women from his record label. Or stylists. Or assistants. Or, you know, just friends. And they just don’t want to be photographed.


You buy that?

Headlinephoto/ Splash

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