Robin Thicke is behaving like a desperate man. As you know, he and Paula Patton announced their separation on Monday. Or, she announced their separation on Monday. Because he cancelled several tour stops to try and get her to change her mind. Which she hasn’t…so far.

And now he’s taking his appeal public. TMZ talked to him as he was arriving in DC yesterday before his show there last night and he told them that he’s “just trying to get her back”. Here’s the video:

Then, during the concert, he announced to the audience that:

“For y'all that don't know me and my wife separated, but I'm trying to get my girl back. She's a good woman.”

And apparently people are “awwwwww”-ing his ass all over the place. Like this is sweet. Like this is romantic. Like this is wonderful that he’s fighting for her in our faces.


Was it romantic when he tried to jam his fingers inside a random’s ass?

This, to me, is as lame as one of those proposals on a jumbotron at a sporting event. Or any public proposal, for that matter. It’s …emotional blackmail. It’s totally unfair. It’s pressuring her to come to a decision she might not want. It’s grandstanding. And it’s ALL ABOUT HIM. And isn’t that the problem? Now how does that signify change?

By the way, he’s also bombarding her with flower deliveries.

You think she’s going to give in?