I liked the song when it came out, but then my cousin suggested that I add it to my running playlist. It f-cking works. The other day, after Vancouver SMUT and a lot of vodka, I dragged my ass out to sweat off (some of) the alcohol. Those runs are hard. They’re slow. They’re the worst. And just when I was starting to lose it, debating with myself whether or not I should walk the rest of the way (how about you run to the next block and then you can walk for 30 seconds, NO, NO, two more blocks, NO NO, just stop running now), Robin Thicke, Pharrell, and T.I. came on to rescue me. I picked up the pace. Embarrassingly I even started dropping dance hand gestures during the hey hey hey. Look at that loser! Suddenly I was home. God bless a good song.

Someone asked me recently what I thought would have happened if Justin Timberlake had come up with Blurred Lines instead. I don’t care much for the Timberlake vs Thicke debate. I suspect though that JT would consider Blurred Lines to be not performance art enough for his new Rat Pack music vibe. Fine, but I’d take Blurred Lines over Suit & Tie any time. Also, I love the video, even though there might be some shame in that. 

Attached -- Robin Thicke in London today visiting Capital Radio.