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Written by Jacek

Sometimes the day is filled with gems! And here’s a large and shiny one.

Robin Thicke stopped by a radio station in Miami today to promote his upcoming album. I almost lost it when I saw the pictures and then read the caption.

It's called Sex Therapy.

Sex Therapy? Really? Look at these photos. Anything sexy there? I suppose if he means that we’ll all never want to have sex again after we see these photos, it works. In fact, I think they should use these as flash cards at sex therapy sessions to help patients overcome withdrawal urges.  Insert your own easy joke here.

Funny story about Robin Thicke. He is Canadian, the son of Alan Thicke and what I’ll call an “aspiring” musician. Beyonce’s tour stopped in Vancouver a couple of years ago and I took my nephew Oliver to the show. It was his first concert and he REALLY wanted to see Beyonce. He also insisted that we show up right at the posted time and catch the entire opening act. That opening act was Robin Thicke.

So picture this wide-eyed 9 year old (at the time). Sits down in the dimly lit arena. First concert. Eyes lit up. Edge of his seat so he can see past the balcony. Looks around and takes in the seats, stage, lights, everything. Quite big. And exciting.

Then a dude appears on stage and the music starts. The guy starts singing and jumping around (awkwardly, I might add). Oliver’s head starts bobbing. First song ends and Oliver is no longer on the edge of his seat. No more bob either. Second song ends and I see him looking around, distracted by everything but show. Third song starts and he turns to me with this look on his face like he just opened a sh-tty Christmas present and says “This dude sucks.” I laughed so hard.

Thankfully Beyonce came on not too long after that and rescued Oliver’s first concert experience. She was great.

Written by Jacek
Photos by Johnny Louis/WENN.com

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