Robin Thicke like Justin Timberlake

Lainey Posted by Lainey at October 10, 2013 14:03:08 October 10, 2013 14:03:08

Usually it’s the other way around – JT sounds like RT, JT’s sound is RT’s sound, etc. This time, it’s Robin Thicke doing the Justin Timberlake.

Thicke’s interview with Oprah Winfrey airs this weekend. has posted a preview clip featuring him addressing the Miley Cyrus/VMAs situation. You want to sh-t on Miley for it, fine. But she wasn’t the only one up on stage, right? The sh-t has to be spread around, non?


Robin Thicke won’t take it.

His words to Opes:

“You have to remember, I'm singing my butt off. I'm sitting there. I'm looking up at the sky, and I'm not really paying attention to all that. That’s on her.”


F-ck you Robin Thicke.

And f-ck you Oprah.

Because she’s laughing. She. Is. Laughing.

He is selling out a girl almost 20 years younger than he is like she totally conned him and Oprah’s there, right beside him, LAUGHING.

That’s on her.

Like it was all on Janet Jackson after the Super Bowl, because that pipsqueak little coward Justin Timberlake took off, letting her eat it, while he shook out his ringlets and grinned, untarnished from the entire incident. And now Robin Thicke is doing the same, claiming innocence with one hand and profiting off Miley’s notoriety with the other.

Click here to watch Robin Thicke punk out on Miley as Oprah gives him her blessing.

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