I mentioned yesterday when covering the Paula Patton-Robin Thicke separation that suddenly I like her more and more. And more today too.

Robin Thicke has cancelled three shows. Last night’s performance in North Carolina was cancelled following the announcement. And two shows on the weekend were cancelled because, as TMZ reports, Paula told Robin she was out on Friday and he flew emergency styles to Vancouver to try to save their marriage.

Are we supposed to swoon, right now?

Like, awwwwwwww, he FOUGHT for them. He was fighting for his wife!

Well, his fingers were certainly fighting with his wife when they were jammed up another woman’s ass.

Maybe they had an open marriage and she was down with all his side creeping.


But that’s certainly not what he was selling to us. But whoever leaked this to TMZ is certainly trying to tell us something.


That he’s not gross?

That he doesn’t leave a puddle of oil every time he steps away?

What I’ll take away from it is that so far, Paula Patton is resolute. A much better message.