This is a photo taken at a VMAs after-party of Robin Thicke posing with some random with his finger trying to go up her ass – check out the mirror in the background. The picture was posted on Twitter and then retweeted at his wife Paula Patton. Yesterday Thicke and Patton were papped on the beach in Miami with their young son Julian. Coincidence or conspiracy?

A musician stepping out on his wife? Please. If you are surprised…WHY?

Let’s talk instead about why everyone keeps sh-tting on Miley Cyrus and no one is sh-tting on Robin Thicke. If you object to Miley Cyrus’s performance on the grounds of impropriety, he has to eat an equal share of that too, non? It’s yet another example of how gossip is a lot more insightful than people give it credit for, yielding observations that are often an accurate reflection of who we are – in this case that we continue to have different sexual expectations of women than we do men. That would be have dominated discussion at the Faculty Of Celebrity Studies this week. If you were going to class, would you show up with a foam finger?