Robin Wright, James McAvoy, and Evan Rachel Wood were in Washington, DC yesterday for the premiere of The Conspirator at Ford’s Theatre. The film is about Lincoln’s assassination and the only female co-conspirator (played by Wright) charged with plotting the President’s murder.

Robin, I think, is one of the few women who can pull off this shag. It certainly doesn’t work for most. I’m not feeling the jacket though. Something about the way it’s folding like that in the front looks messy. Wonder if it’s Vivienne Westwood. Feels like that’s something she would do around the chest. Robin is apparently now single having reportedly just broken up with boyfriend and producer Greg Shapiro. This means I can once again set her up with Keanu Reeves in my imagination.

As for James McAvoy, it’s been two weeks since his last post. Once every two weeks seems too seldom, but it’s much better than once every two or three months. I won’t complain. Here he is arriving at the airport and not looking much different on the red carpet. He doesn’t need a lot of work anyway.

Evan Rachel Wood on the other hand definitely required more preparation time. Maybe too much. She’s 23. She’s beautiful. But there’s something a little too… um… Dita von Teese-y happening here, non? The hair, definitely. The dress, totally. Even the makeup, right? It’s a little too close of an association. And really rather unnecessary. With those cheekbones, that youthful skin, her freshness… I wish I could see her more stripped down more often, no pun intended I guess.

Ps. Are you watching her on Mildred Pierce? EVR is killing it on Mildred Pierce.

Photos from Mark Wilkins/