Claire Underwood is such an Armani client, non?

Robin Wright and Ben Foster were in Paris yesterday for the Armani Prive presentation. As you can see, Mr Armani seems quite fond of her. It’s the second time we’ve seen Robin and Ben at a public event this month. You’ll recall, he accompanied her to the Golden Globes. And we were all photo and video assuming their body language, particularly during cutaways throughout the show. Some of you thought there might be some tension. The way I saw it, maybe that’s just how their relationship works.

Robin is like Madonna in that way. They’ll never be attracted to “nice, easy” men. Sean Penn, obviously. But note Madonna and Guy Ritchie. He can be difficult. He can be rigid. I wonder if they might believe that those are the only kinds of men who can and will challenge. A man who challenges you doesn’t have to be an asshole though. Then again, asshole travels in multiple directions.