US Weekly reports that Robin Wright and Ben Foster have ended their engagement. According to the magazine it was scheduling and the age difference that came between them. She’s been working in Baltimore on House Of Cards while he spent months in London over the summer for A Streetcar Named Desire. As for the 14 year gap between them, US’s source explains:

"The gap just ended up being too much. Ben was kind of immature. She couldn't deal with him anymore."

I don’t know about whether or not he’s immature. I just know that he can be a dick. One year at TIFF he showed up to a gala without a ride, walking up the ramp usually reserved for SUVs, like he was the coolest motherf-cker ever, for one of his own movies and blew by everything, not stopping to talk, sneering at the press line like he was above talking about his own project. That’s what I always thought she liked about him. Because she’s not exactly cookies out of the oven either.

But there were some rumours circulating late summer that I could never substantiate about the chemistry he had with Streetcar co-star Vanessa Kirby, who plays Stella. If it’s true, that should reveal itself soon enough.

Attached – Robin and Ben at the Golden Globes together last year. She won. And she’ll likely be nominated again. If we’re nominating dates for her, may I suggest Keanu Reeves? They looked good together when promoting The Private Lives Of Pippa Lee, don’t you think? And if Charlize and Sean show up on the award show circuit, that’s a great comeback.