Almost all of them were there last night at the New York Film Festival Princess Bride 25th anniversary screening and DVD launch. I used to really, really want to marry Cary Elwes. Why is it that I always write about this movie at Thanksgiving? You know how The Sound Of Music is like a Christmas movie? Is The Princess Bride a Thanksgiving movie?

Anyway, 6 months ago, surprise!, it came out that Robin Wright was dating Ben Foster. Click here for a refresher. Since they’re both super low key, there’s no word on whether or not that’s still happening. (See? It IS possible.) Foster came to Toronto for Love, Marilyn. I covered that gala for etalk. And having observed him now, I totally see why they’d be good for each other. She’s a cold bitch, he’s a little bitch prick. It’s kind of perfect.

It wasn’t like that at first though. At first it seemed like he’d be super nice. He arrived on foot, like Stacy Keibler the year before, which almost never happens. Then he posed with Marilyn Monroe’s former BFF Amy Greene, an old broad if there ever was one, like a gentle young man in the vein of Ryan Gosling being all adorable and sweet with the granny. Greene was my best, best, BEST interview of the festival. Imagine. She used to hang with Marilyn back in the day; she had some stories. After I wrapped with Ms Greene, the publicists for the film and for TIFF tried to walk Foster over to our spot. Etalk broadcasts live into Roy Thomson Hall during the festival. The whole point is so that the audience inside the theatre can watch what’s happening on the red carpet, hear what the filmmakers are saying about what they’re about to see. It’s a Toronto International Film Festival approved and encouraged situation. In other words, if you’re in Toronto to promote your film, this is the opportunity to do it. So here comes Ben Foster with his combat boots all badass and sh-t and holding hands with old ladies and not only does he punk off the entire line of press, he makes a “yap yap yap” duck beak hand motion towards the cameras like he’s too good to be interviewed. All class, Ben Foster. All class.