It was shocking to me, seeing Robin Wright, whose style is normally so crisp and edgy, show up in a dress that looked so… cheap. This the first time I’ve used the word today. And I’ve saved it specifically for this dress. The tag might read thousands of dollars but the read on the dress is low classy. And messy. With the lace coming out of a tacky piece of sparkly material, like a cabaret costume found in an old trunk, stinking of cigarette smoke, booze, and bad decisions when you pull it out. This is a dress that will always look like it was worn the night before, accessorised by running mascara and smudged lips – and not from a good time, from a night of fun and wild memories, but from regret, the kind of regret that lingers, that never washes off. In other words, a dress Claire Underwood would never, ever go for.

And maybe that’s the point?

Robin is not Claire, we get that, of course we get that. But Robin is also not… Lindsay Lohan. And that’s what I’ve been looking for all night into the morning and now the afternoon. It was right there, what was on the border of my mind, and I couldn’t find it until just a few minutes ago. Robin Wright is wearing a Lindsay Lohan dress. WHYYYYY is she wearing a Lindsay Lohan dress?