Remember he said that? Remember Sean Penn told The Hollywood Reporter that:

"I got practical issues, like everyone else...I had just got taken for one half of everything I had in the divorce, so it's not like I don't have to work." (Source)

This is Robin Wright in Paris yesterday looking lovely and happy and not at all mangled up in the face like desperate to hang on to something. I mean, at the risk of sounding corny, if you can let go of him, I would think you’d be pretty good at letting go of a lot of the sh-t that makes you miserable – be it a man, or a certain pressure, or fleeting youth. Or is that too optimistic? Perhaps. But she’s making it look that way, non?

As for that whole Sean Penn/Scarlett Johansson situation – can you imagine how she must worship him though? At 25, and he’s all accomplished and serious and up in Haiti with his giving back-ness, and, like, a teacher to her, and she already thinks she’s more mature and worldly than she is…

Please. For all her attempts to not be textbook, that is exactly the textbook, just as it is when she keeps telling herself that he thinks she’s different, not like her young peers, because she’s smarter, more profound, more intuitive, before he gets off on f-cking a bombshell half his age. Myopia + Celebrity = This.

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