I’m giving it to her. But I have to say, as best dressed goes, compared to previous award shows, I’m not exactly punching myself in the face with the awesome. That’s what it should feel like, right? For the BEST DRESSED? It should make you want to argue in favour of it until you’re hoarse and exhausted, until you can’t possibly debate anymore, but you still can, until you find a 6th gear, because it deserves your full support, support to the death. I like what Robin Wright is wearing here (Ralph Lauren) a lot, even though I wish she went with some colour on her lips. But I wouldn’t spend more than 5 minutes yelling at you about it, trying to convince you to come on my side. I would however yell at you to LOOK AT THE KIDS.

This is what interests me most about her appearance last night. Dylan, 22, and Hopper, 20, daughter and son and Robin Wright and Sean Penn. Fascinating! Who are these people? What is it like for them? How often do they think about the fact that their father was MARRIED TO MADONNA??? What do they think of Ben Foster? Around them, their mother actually radiates some warmth. What’s that like? What’s a warm Robin Wright like?