Several times today I have pulled up these photos of Robin Wright at the ELLE Women in Hollywood Tribute last night to stare at her hair and fight the urge to call up the stylist to do the same. It just wouldn’t work on me the way it’s working on her. My cousin Cat, who has long, straight hair like me is reading this right now and thinking the same. Cat, we would look like Justin Bieber. Robin on the other hand looks like a really hot woman in her 40s who seems a lot happier now that she’s not married to a miserable f-ck.

You may have just seen Robin in Moneyball. You will next see her in The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo as Erika Berger. She appears very briefly in the 2 minute trailer which I haven’t posted yet but am attaching below. I actually like it better than the 3 minute version and I thought the 3 minute version was great.