In spite of myself, I feel almost bad about this one. Almost. But not quite. She risked so much for love. She gave up a LOT. Pride, respect, dignity, professional reputation - you name it, she lost it and she"s losing it. But for a while there, it was worth the sacrifice. They were happy. Until just before the holidays when she noticed an unmistakeable chill. At first she thought it was the stress of being apart, on different film sets. But then he came home and it got worse. A familiar pattern it seems. He was losing interest and she became more desperate to regain his attention. First it was the phone calls and that escalated to extreme clingyness…to the point where he had to tell her to back off. So recently, she started self medicating. Sleeping pills, uppers, weed, alcohol - the consumption is rising and people are getting worried. Because it"s affecting her professionally. A few late calls, delayed shoots, fumbled lines. People are starting to talk. Which is why a couple of concerned friends asked him to intervene, to help turn her around. And you know what he said? Her soulmate, her partner, the love of her life??? "I don"t have time right now. I"ll get to it when I have the chance." It took 4 days for him to show up and his arrival immediately turned her around. But those close to her are not impressed. And they think the longer she stays with him, the more dangerous things will get. Don"t bother with: Melanie & Antonio Madonna/Guy Ritchie Will & Jada